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We have saved 7 trees and way more to go...

Developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan in 2020 will allow us to show who we are and what IK Financial is standing for!

As one of the first steps, we have considered - “Environmental responsibility.” IK Financial aims to reduce pollution by overseeing day-to-day workflow. We strongly believe that SMALL steps make a BIG difference in our society.

That is why we proud to announce that 2021 we begin as a paperless company!

Our team has found a way to store our database and other important information on hardware and various cloud services. All these allowed us to securely shred and recycle around 420kg (929 pounds) of paper. It is a BIG step for IK Financial, and we are looking forward to bring even more developments in the near future.

How will it affect us?
🔹No More Paper - it helps to decrease carbon footprint
🔹Enhanced Document Security - cloud management allows us to secure information and limit access to team members
🔹Better Customer Service - thanks to fast and easy access to the data
🔹Speed Up operations -due to 24/7 online access, we are able to help you at any time at any place (but make an appointment first!)

How will it affect the environment?
🔹Air - CO2 emissions reduced
🔹Water - 324 litres of water used to produce one kilogram of paper
🔹Trees - by shredding and recycling 420kg (929 pounds), we have saved approximately 7 trees. By going paperless, we cannot even imagine how we contribute to the environment
🔹Waste - no more paper clips and staples, that are generally used once