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Ready to move into your new place? Don’t throw out your old clothing!🧥

In Canada, the average person throws out 37 kilograms (81 pounds) of textiles each year.
According to the Recycling Council of Ontario, 95% of unwanted clothing can be reused or recycled. We have found some options for those who are looking to upgrade their wardrobe or simply clean out the closet before moving into a new place.
What can you do with your old clothing?
🔹Donate - gather and collect clothing, shoes, and all other items that you and your family no longer need. All those items can be brought to the nearest donation centres or donation boxes.
🔹Recycle - some clothes, shoes, accessories, and household textiles can be brought to recycling centres or to the shopping mall where you can get a discount or a coupon on your next purchase.
🔹Sell - there are many consignment stores out there, or you can sell on your own with Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, or any other app/website.
Give your clothes a second chance ♻️