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Mortgage 101 - Offer to Purchase

What is an “Offer to Purchase?”
A legally binding agreement between you and the person who owns the property you want to buy. It includes the price you are offering, what you expect to be included with the sale, and the financial conditions of sale (your financing arrangements, the closing date, etc.).
There are a number of various types of conditions that might be included in the Offer to Purchase. Below we have listed one of the most important clauses:
🔹Financing Condition
🔹Appraisal Condition
🔹Legal Review Condition
When You find a perfect property to purchase, we will require MLS listing and Purchase agreement signed by all parties. It is time for You to lean back and wait while we will do all the behind-the-scenes work. Inna and Katerina will submit an application to lender and provide You with a commitment letter upon receipt.
Whether You are starting to look for a property or already found one - contact IK Financial. Our team will ensure You get a qualified and professional service:
Inna Bogdanov 416.268.0004 | Inna@ikfinancial.com
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