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Mortgage 101 - Closing Costs

Mortgage 101
What are the “Closing Costs”?
Additional Costs that are associated with the completion of transaction and which are payable on or before the closing date.
Here are some examples of the Closing Costs listed by CMHC:
🔹 Land transfer tax
🔹Appraisal fee (if applicable)
🔹 Estoppel certificate fee (for condominium/strata unit)
🔹 Home inspection fee (if applicable)
🔹 Land registration fee (if applicable)
🔹 Legal fees and disbursements
🔹 Prepaid property taxes and/or utility bills adjustment
🔹 Property insurance
🔹 Survey or certificate of location cost
🔹 Title insurance
🔹 Additional builder fees on new construction
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