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Mortgage 101 - Appraisal

What is “Appraisal”?
An appraisal process helps to determine an estimate of the current condition and market value of a home. Unbiased professionals evaluate the current condition of the home and perform an analysis of the market. 
What steps are involved in the Appraisal process?
🔹 Making an Appointment with the Appraiser
🔹 Inspection of the Property
🔹 Completion of the Appraisal Report
What are the costs?
An appraisal company must be approved by Your lender. An average appraisal price typically varies between $350 and $500 depending on type and location of property as well and specific type of report required. 
Inna and Katerina will ensure that this process won't take any time from Your busy routine. IK Financial will help in selecting the Appraisal company and assigning it for a visit. Call us today or book an all online at ikfinancial.com 
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