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Thinking of your first home but not sure what to go for?

There is an endless supply of different types of homes available for purchase (NOT in 2021🤪). The key is to decide what you can afford and which amenities you prefer before heading out shopping for a new home.
🔹 Condo
A condo makes a great first home because it typically costs less than a townhouse or a detached home, which translates into a smaller down payment. But there are, however, monthly maintenance fees you must take into consideration when budgeting for a condo.
🔹 Townhouse
If the condo life is not your forte and you’re not looking for a big yard to maintain, a townhouse may be your best home purchase option. A townhouse costs less than a fully-detached home and results in cheaper property taxes as well.
🔹 Detached Home
If it’s privacy you’re seeking as well as a larger yard, a detached home is your ideal choice. Still, prices can vary drastically based on such variables as whether you’re seeking a spot in the city, a place in the suburbs or a more rural location.
Budgeting is also an important part of preparing yourself for the purchase of a home. Contact our Mortgage Agents before you begin shopping. Inna & Katerina will complimentary create Your "Personal Strategy" that will lead to success:
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