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How May IK Financial help You?

We are eager to be ONE STOP shop for all our valued clients. For services provided by Inna and Katerina, please refer to the list below:

🔹Residential mortgage financing
🔹Commercial mortgage financing
🔹Equity takeout 
🔹Mortgage renewal
🔹Construction financing
🔹Pre approval 
🔹A lenders
🔹B lenders
🔹Private mortgage 
🔹Rate shopping
🔹Renovation financing

Have you found the service You were looking for? Contact our licensed agents today and get a 5-star service:
Inna Bogdanov 416.268.0004 | Inna@ikfinancial.com
Katerina Markevich 416.388.8153 | Katerina@ikfinancial.com
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