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100% Financing for Pre-Construction*

Get a mortgage and return the deposit

Have you purchased a pre-construction property? Is the closing coming in the next 2-3 months?

It is the perfect time to benefit from 100% Financing for Pre-Construction Mortgage*. IK Financial has access to a reputable partnered lender that offers an exciting and exclusive program for Pre-Construction buyers.

When choosing 100% Pre-construction Financing*, lender will take into consideration the current value of the property. This program allows a buyer to get not only the mortgage but potentially all the deposits that have been previously paid.

Perfect opportunity for Investors

By returning the deposit, a borrower opens up an opportunity to:
  • Invest in another property;
  • Pay off outstanding debts;
  • Renovate own or investment property.

How Does it WORK?

Let's take as an example the following case:

  • Purchase price: $500,000
  • Total Deposits: $100,000
  • Current Property Value: $625,000

IK Financial may secure a mortgage of up to $500,000 and potentially get deposit back. This deposit may be used as an investment in another pre-construction purchase.

*This exclusive offer is subject to qualification, speak with IK Financial mortgage agent to learn more.

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