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IK Financial as Mortgage Agency represents over 30 lenders around Canada, just to make sure that you are getting the best offer possible.
Road to your own Home starts here.
Let's Take This Journey Together!
Step 1. Discovery interview
When contacting IK Financial for the first time, we will have our Introductory Telephone Interview. Our Mortgage Agents will learn Your needs and of course answer all Your questions. After we will send You an email with the required list of documents. This information will help us identify Your eligibility for a mortgage and choose the right lender and product.
Step 2. Pre-Approval application
Do not worry, at this stage we are not applying for a mortgage yet. After carefully going through Your documentation we will be able to find a lender and conditions that would suit Your needs. We do all the math and come with all the numbers for You.
Step 3. Live Approval and bank application
When You find a property to purchase, we will require an MLS listing and Purchase agreement. It is time for You to wait while we will do all the behind the scenes work. We are going to submit an application to the bank and provide You with a commitment letter.
Step 4. Enjoy your New Home
Congratulations! On the closing day You Get your Keys. We are glad You achieved Your milestone with IK Financial, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!

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IK Financial Broker Agency Canada

Answer Your Questions

Answer Your Questions

What is the difference between Mortgage Broker and Bank?
While Bank representatives specialize only in products/services offered by particular Lender, Mortgage Brokers have access to many different lenders and an array of various credit products.

IK Financial represents over 50 lenders. This provides our clients with a lot more available options.

IK Financial works with:

— All Major Banks
— B Lenders
— Credit Unions
— Mortgage Companies
— Private Lenders
What are the benefits of working With Inna & Katerina?
At IK Financial we strive to provide our Clients with Qualified and up-to-date Financial Advice. We believe that educating and coaching our clients throughout their buying, selling, or re-financing experience helps them to not only make the right decisions but to feel comfortable and secure in their financial position.

Our success is largely due to Inna's and Katerina's personal involvement in every situation. We believe that reliability and expertise are key to success and great long-lasting relationships.


— Inna's and Katerina's combined experience is over 40 years.
— IK Financial demonstrates professionalism that is proved by a number. We have accommodated over 2,000 loans.
— We do not outsource our clients. We personally review and analyze every case because we value working with You, and we appreciate Your Trust in us!
— Inna and Katerina complimentary develop "Personal Strategy" for our clients. Every case is different, we are here to make sure our solutions will fit Your situation.
— Our partnership with over 50 lenders, provides us with access to the best rates and best products available on the market.
What is a minimum down payment?
A minimum down payment in Canada is:

5% if the purchasing price is equal to or less than $500,000;
*10% of the remaining purchasing price if purchase price is over $500,000 but less than $999,999;
*20% if the purchase price is over $1,000,000.

*Example: If the property price is $750,000, the minimum down payment would be $25,000 (5% from first $500,000) + $25,000 (10% from the difference $750,000-$500,000=$250,000) Total downpayment is $50,000.
What do I need for a Pre-Approval?
After our first telephone interview we will require from You the following list of the documents (it might vary from person to person):

— Identification (passport or driving license)
— Proof of employment
— Proof of Your savings available for a downpayment and closing costs (saving account)
— Information about Your assets
— Information about Your debts or financial obligations

This information will help us identify Your eligibility for a mortgage and choose the right lender and product for You.
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