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Everything you should know before starting your mortgage process is on this page. All the information is created based on our experience and common buyer mistakes throughout the home-financing process.

Document Formatting

  • Send documents in PDF format;
  • Ensure all bank statements include your name, account number and bank name;
  • Communicating via email will result in quicker response times;
  • Send required documents all at one;
  • Properly labeling your documents will speed up the process;
  • Include all pages of your documents i.e, your complete tax return.

Material Changes

  • Do not change jobs during the process;
  • Do not obtain any new credit such as loans, lines of credit or credit cards;
  • Do not spend your down payment. Keep it secure and readily available;
  • Do not co-sign any credit for anyone;
  • It is extremely important that nothing changes with your situation after you are pre-qualified and before your mortgage funds.
PLEASE, refer to our article "Avoid These Common Mistakes When Applying For a Mortgage."

Down Payment

  • Avoid multiple transfers between accounts;
  • Out of country assets must be in Canada for a minimum of 30-90 days depending on the lender;
  • Ensure RRSP's have been in the account for a minimum of 90 days, in order to use towards  Home Buyers Withdrawal;
  • Lenders look for a 90-day down payment history to ensure the savings are accumulated and that the funds are not borrowed;
  • Do NOT redact any bank account statements, alter, or void out any items on your statement;
  • If you are receiving gifted down payment, please let us know up front;
  • Gifted funds must be from an immediate family member (mother, father, sister, brother, sibling, grandparent).

Self-Employed Individuals

  1. Sole Proprietorship - We will require the following:
  • Copy of your business license;
  • The last two years of your complete Personal Tax Return along with the statement of business activities;
  • Previous two years Notice of Assessment 

2. Incorporated - We will require a copy of the following:
  • Articles of Incorporation;
  • Last two years Financial Statements;
  • Last two years of your full Personal Tax Returns;
  • Previous two years Notice of Assessment.

3. Salaried Individuals
  • Most recent pay-stub dated within the last 30 days;
  • Letter of Employment written on company letterhead stating your position, start date, guaranteed hours per week, and signed by the author;
  • Last two years T4’s.

Credit History

  • Dispute any errors that could hurt your score;
  • Get free copies of your credit reports from either Equifax or Transunion;
  • Pay all your bills on time, and keep credit balances as low as possible (preferably 50% below the limit);
  • Do not obtain new credit, unless advised to;
  • Ensure minimum credit is established (minimum 2 credit accounts with 2k limit for 2 years).


  • When a co-signer is involved, consider 99/1% (tenants in common);
  • If purchasing a principal home that is rented, ensure you get vacant possession;
  • Work with a professional team (Mortgage Agent/Broker, Realtor, Lawyer, Home Inspector and get pre-qualified BEFORE shopping);
  • Confirm your lawyer is insured to do real estate and has no disciplinary;
  • When in doubt, ask!

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