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IK Financial - Support for Local Businesses and Sustainability

IK Financial's unwavering commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainability shines through the range of our very own and special closing gifts. These gifts express gratitude to clients and serve as a testament to IK Financial's dedication to fostering local small businesses growth and minimizing the environmental impact. Let's delve into how IK Financial is making a difference through these thoughtfully curated gifts:

Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

  • IK Financial's branded paper bags are more than packaging – they are a statement of environmental consciousness as they are rafted from recycled paper and printed in Canada.
  • The intention behind our paper bag design is longevity; clients and partners are encouraged to reuse them, minimizing waste.

Sustainable Candles:

  • IK candles are more than just sources of light, warmth, and coziness; they exemplify IK Financial's commitment to sustainability.
  • Created by a unique brand in downtown Toronto, these candles use 100% recycled glass containers, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Non-toxic fragrance oils ensure a pleasant ambiance without compromising indoor air quality.
  • Biodegradable or recyclable packaging speaks to our holistic approach, considering the entire product lifecycle.

Plant Soaps:

  • The IK soap, crafted in mid-town Toronto, showcases the brand's support for local artisans.
  • Made with natural oils, this cold-pressed soap harnesses the goodness of nature while avoiding harmful additives.
  • This choice benefits the skin and aligns with IK Financial's eco-friendly ethos.


  • IK keychains, created by local craftsmen, are a symbol of conscious sourcing and environmental responsibility.
  • Craftsmen exclusively use natural tannins, eschewing harmful chemicals and ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.
Through these closing gifts – the paper bags, candles, soap, and keychains – IK Financial provides tokens of appreciation and fosters a network of local entrepreneurship and environmentally-friendly practices. If you own a small local business and would like to partner to help IK Financial deliver environmentally-friendly gifts, feel free to connect with us at team@ikfinancial.com.
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