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Inna and Katerina - Mortgage Agents Canada
At IK Financial we strive to provide our Clients with Qualified and up-to-date Financial Advice. We believe that educating and coaching our clients throughout their buying, selling, or re-financing experience helps them to not only make the right decisions but to feel comfortable and secure in their financial position.

Our success is largely due to Inna's and Katerina's personal involvement in every situation. We believe that reliability and expertise are key to success and great long-lasting relationships.
  • Qualified Financial Advice
    Inna and Katerina - licensed Mortgage Agents (on behalf Mortgage Edge. Licence #10680) with a combined experience of 40 years. They are founders of IK Financial, the company based in the Greater Toronto Area with services being provided all around Canada.
  • Professional Support
    We work with a number of professionals in various areas of expertise that extend well beyond our immediate specialization. As such, we are able to assist our clients and business partners in connecting them with the right and qualified people in different fields.
  • Our Partners
    We partner with over 30 lenders, including major banks, B Lenders, Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies, and other national, regional and private lenders. We also work closely with real estate professionals, builders, and other centers of influence helping them service their clients and grow and improve their businesses.
  • Knowledge is Power
    We service different areas of GTA and speak fluent Russian and Italian. Our success is largely due to our ready availability and our personal involvement in every situation. We understand that knowledge is power and believe that reliability and expertise are keys to success and great long-lasting relationships.
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